Ezy-Fix Clip™ is the classic invention of necessity. The idea came from
 two Shade Structure and Farming Contractors who were tired of the laborious, costly and time consuming methods of affixing shade cloth. They were tired of the wasted time having to replace torn or overstretched shade cloth due to shoddy finishes. So, through many field testing ideas, changes and pre-market testing, we now bring to you, this unique clip system Ezy-Fix Clip™. But our clip goes one further, it is not just for shade cloth, it is a multi-functional and universal professional fastening system.    

Ezy-Fix Clip
is the D.I.Y. and commercial user’s choice to professionally fasten a range of fabrics like:

• shadecloth
• plastic film
• canvas/linen
• chicken-mesh (<1mm)
• insect-screen, etc

Ezy-Fix Clip
can be fastened to a range of surfaces, including:

• cement/brick/rendered walls
• plastic
• wood
• metal surfaces

Ezy-Fix Clip
is conveniently packed for a range of domestic and commercial uses and all packs come with instructions.

Ezy-Fix Clip
comes in three different colours:



Ezy-Fix Clip System (Australia)
Tel: +61 8 9479 3011 
Fax: +61 8 9479 3012
Ezy-Fix Clip System
(USA Distributor)
Tel: (844) 399 3494

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  USA Orders:
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